How much does it cost?  

  • $100 USD an hour for my services, and I bill in 1 hour increments.  This means that if you need me to perform just a simple set of upgrades and patches, and it only takes me 35 minutes, I still charge $100.
  • If you opt for an up front retainer for 20 hours of service, you get a 12.5% discount ($1750 for 20 hours).  When you pay up front, I bill in only 15 minute increments, so you can have me do small maintenance tasks throughout the year.  If you like, we can discuss retainers for larger amounts of hours.
  • Also, if you like, I will monitor your servers for you, $5 per server per month.  I will use Amazon Cloudwatch, and forward the alerts to myself.  Normal per hour rates apply if I have to troubleshoot/repair/replace servers.

You pay AWS costs directly.  This means you are in full control of your environment at all times.  You can stop using my services any time you want, and you’ll still have your site up and running with the infrastructure we designed and configured.  This is a huge benefit, it allows you to walk away from me anytime you like.

That $100 an hour buys you my 9 years of industry experience.  You pay me to configure and spin up your infrastructure, as well as keep it up to date with patches against the latest security vulnerabilities.  I work with you, and your budget, to design as robust an environment as you can afford.  Whether it’s a single machine running all your environment, or it’s an environment scaled across the world, I can help you architect it correctly and efficiently.  I also ensure you are taking regular backups, and storing them offsite.  These are the tasks that save your business in the event of a catastrophe.

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